arrowMost businesses have a budget in mind for their new website and really just want to know if we can deliver a great website at a price that works within that budget.

BTW... Regardless of the cost all our sites can handle the latest tech, so no issues about adding video, or a blog, analytics, social media. It will also be scalable, you can add as many pages as you like & the site can be easily updated by you or us.

One last thing, we are not going to get all tied up in geek speak by going into email quotas and cpu cycles & a bunch of tecno talk most folks don't care about anyway, just the basics in here!

Corporate Website $4999.

This site is for large companies that need:

  • Dozens of pages
  • Many email accounts
  • Many social media channels
  • Lots of video
  • Blogs
  • Many editors & users
  • High traffic
  • Frequent updates

If you are a big company, we are excited to talk to you, we can easily handle a really large site, but we generally do not do enterprise.

If you are not a great big giant company, scroll on down!

Bigger Small Business $1499.

This is a website that comes in at around 10-12 pages, has a fairly detailed breakdown of products and services.

It is about the right size if you require a few email addresses, maybe a blog, and some video, social media, gallery, stuff like that.


Example Company:

  • Legal Firms
  • Engineering
  • Medical Services
  • Wedding Services
  • Construction Company
  • Accounting Firm
  • Landscaping Design Firms

If you think you need about 10-12 pages of stuff on your site, you should come in right around here.

Most Small Business $799.

Local Business: We make a lot of these!

This is a website that comes in at around 5 pages, with an overview of products and services, one or two email addresses.

The layout is usually something like: Home page, services page, contact, about, and maybe a gallery, blog or additional service page.

Usually only requires occasional updates, seasonal specials, that sort of thing.

You can update it yourself, or we can do it for you if you just don't want to bother.

This size site also works great if you sell only one product.


Example Company: 

  • Landscaping
  • Plumbing
  • Hair Salon
  • Stone Mason
  • Small Web Shop
  • Retail Store
  • Coffee House
  • Restaurant
  • Dentist
  • Doctor
  • Lawyer

This size site works for the majority of small business, but if you just need another page or two, its not going to break the bank!

E-Commerce $2499.

This is a five page-ish website with a full shopping cart that can hold thousands of items and handle complex shipping options, as well as wholesale and retail accounts.

We set it up, with all the complicated stuff done and (really important) a way for you to collect your money, we add your categories and a number of products to get you started. We also give you a some 1-on-1 time on the phone to walk you through adding products, change prices, print out your orders etc. What we are not doing, is adding dozens of products, that is up to you.... however we can easily be talked into that for a price.

If you do not need a full shopping cart, and are just selling a few products, we have a mini-cart option that we can plug into a site design for $349. It works well with 3-5 products with flat rate shipping.

If you are selling just one item we can plug in a paypal order page for only $199.00

Oh yeah, if you want to sell digital downloads, ebooks, music, do a members website... we can do that too.. pricing for that kind of thing can be surprisingly low or go all the way to "cha-ching... the duck is gettin a new car!".... best handled on the phone once we have more detail.

Just give us a call! (look down)

Mobile Websites

We create great mobile websites and you really do need one, we can create it addition to the full size site we are designing for you, or if you have a website already and you want to add a mobile version, we do that too (a lot)!

We create mobile sites for free and not for free!

Free works well if you just want to be able to use the functions of a smart phone, like "Click to Call" or "Find Us" and have the GPS kick in and guide them right to your door. If you want the fancier stuff, you gotta pay for that!

Visit Our Mobile Site Pricing Page