Google Gives Boost to Mobile-Friendly Sites 

Google tweaks search algorithm to favor sites that look good on smartphone screens


Google said it tweaked its algorithm for mobile searches to favor sites that look good on smartphone screens, and penalize sites with content that is too wide for a phone screen and text and links that are too small.

Websites Prep for Google’s ‘Mobilegeddon’
Given Google’s importance in driving traffic to websites, some in the industry dubbed the change “mobilegeddon.” Google updates its algorithm frequently, but this is considered by some experts to be its most significant change in years. In an unprecedented move, Google warned website operators in February that the change was coming, and gave them tips on how to prepare.


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Why Bother With Mobile: Mobile seraches on google are up over 400%

accu mobileWhy is everyone attempting to create mobile-optimized Web experiences? Well, the US population is sitting at around 311 million. Of those 311 million people, about half of US adults own a smartphone.

On top of that, for a whopping 28% of Americans, a mobile device is their primary way of accessing the Web. So, mobile provides a tremendous opportunity to connect with consumers.

What’s more is that people are arriving to the mobile web through more diverse channels than ever before. In addition to direct and referral traffic, people are using social networks, email, SMS, and more.


Our Approach To Mobile Vs Responsive: 

First off what are we talking about?

A responsive website is your regular website, it is smarter than an old style website, it understands when someone visits you on a mobile device and tries to adapt itself to that device.

A mobile website is a totally seperate website and is on a different hosting server. We think this next thing is the critical deal breaking difference, a mobile website can use the functions of your phone, a responsive design can not.

1blueAbout speed: A responsive website is trying to serve your regular content to a phone & as a smart phone user you have proabably had the experience of trying to get a website to load on your phone and it felt like it took forever. If all I want to know is the phone number or hours or a location, I dont want to be waiting forever!

A dedicated mobile site by comparison loads lightening fast, it has easy to navigate one click functions like click to call, smart hours that show if you are closed or open, and you can even use the GPS function on the phone to get directly to a business location. All of this is located on the landing page. Compared to a responsive site its crazy fast, and very easy to navigate.


We fall firmly on the side that mobile websites are better than responsive ones, by a mile as far as we are concerned, for only one reason... the user experience! If you are a business owner and you want a customer walking through your door to get a haricut, buy a cup of coffee, or use your services, mobile is the only real choice.

We dont care about geek speak, and tecno-babble regarding any topic around this issue, if I want to come to your business and I have a choice between wading around a full website (or a responsive one), or clicking one button that is going to guide me directly to your door via GPS.... decision made!


Is it an app?

pepperNo it is not, but you may be familiar with the term webapp. The difference is, an app has to be downloaded from google, apple or microsoft's app store and installed on your phone. A webapp is simply a website that is specifically engineered for a mobile device, it does not have to be downloaded or installed.

When someone goes to your site using a mobile device (phone or tablet) it detects the specific device then presents the best possible version of the site formatted for that phone or tablet.

It will ask someone on an apple device if they want to add an icon to thier phone (we can turn that off if you like). By default we set your site to trigger on tablets as well as phones.

Not all tablets are the same size, some of the smaller cheaper tablets are not much bigger than a phone, and not as fast as many of the high end devices. However should someone prefer your full site one of the buttons right on the home screen is always "Full Website".

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